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What you need to know when creating video content to attract customers?

With content creation becoming a more popular part of marketing, if you are not making full use of this, you are definitely missing out on business. Digital Content creation is an ever-growing way to reach customers online, the Covid-19 pandemic showed us just how many people are watching videos online and how it is increasing.

The human eye processes 36,000 visual images per hour, with viewers retaining 95% of information from a video, while only 10% when reading it in text. Now do a little bit of self-analysing, compare how many videos you scroll through a day, and how many you sit and watch? Then further, how many do you interact with? I am guessing at this point we are at a small number in comparison, so now ask yourself – What keeps you interested?

What are the key things to remember to ensure you are creating good quality videos?

- Look at your audience, you cannot start to create video without doing your research and having a plan. Focus on the different demographics, interests, location and backgrounds. Once you know who you are targeting you can start to tailor videos that connect with them and their needs.

- Keep your videos short and sweet! With attention spans being extremely short and only getting shorter, it is important to make sure your videos are brief and that you are getting straight to the point. The current sweet spot is below 2 minutes before engagement starts to drop off, but watch times can also vary depending on platform.

- Try and be humane, tell a story! Show that there are real people behind your brand and video, try and trigger an emotional connection with viewers, creating genuine content that reflects your companies’ values and morals, this will help them to hopefully remember you and tie you to certain ( hopefully positive) emotions.

- Use subtitles or captions within your videos! Many viewers watch videos muted, so make sure that you are able to get your message across without sound. This also helps you interact with those who have hearing impairments, do not speak English or are unable to produce sound from their devices. This helps to give you a positive image and show that you are an accessible business.

- Try and choose an appropriate thumbnail for your video, this will help you summarise the video in a picture. This is what viewers will see before they choose whether to watch it or not, make sure it is eye catching and attractive, ensuring it shows people what the video is about.

- SEO SEO SEO! To help increase the visibility of your video, optimise them to search engines, when you add a video and a description make sure to put in relatable words – To aid with this also make sure you share your video on different platforms such as Youtube, TikTok and Instagram – This is extremely important to learn as it does not only benefit you for video content, but can help your marketing across the broad! If you need more advice on increasing your video SEO, check out my other blog on how you can do this!

- Make your videos creative! Stand out from your competitors, make yourself memorable – Try out different colours, themes, styles – Try different things and see which produce the best results.

- Add a call to action! Often these are missed out on marketing content but within videos they are key, add something in there that tells your viewer what to do! What was the point in the video if the viewer does not do something after it? This can be something such as going to your website or signing up with their email. It creates a more direct approach and what people secretly do not know is, viewers expect the call to action, they want to be told to do something.

- Speaking of results, remember to tell yourself that you will not get it right first time. Be prepared to try different things and monitor your results, use your social media analytics and see which methods and campaigns worked best.

Although video creation can be difficult, it is a large benefit to get your business out there out and market yourself. It is also worth recommending to look into Instagram and Facebooks live streaming options, currently these are starting to trend well and are on the rise.

Got better ideas or other thoughts? Let me know!

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